SS ’13 Spring Trend: Black and White

SS '13 Spring Trend: Black and White

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SS ’13 Spring Trend: Black and White

SS '13 Spring Trend: Black and White

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101 Things Update

In the past month, I have been (slowly) chipping away at my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list. Slow progress is better than none, right? I don’t think I quite realized how large of a number 101 actually is.

However slow my progress, here it is:

34. Invest in a designer item completed 1/26/13 I didn’t think I would get to this one until after graduation and a fairly dependable paycheck, but due to my impulsive shopping habit (that I really need to control), I am now the proud owner of a Michael Kors dress and a pair of BCBGMAXAZRIA tuxedo pants.

44. Buy a blender completed 1/12/13

46. Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen (10/10; W/E, Flashdance, Sabrina, Blue HawaiiThe Fighter, CleopatraSteel Magnolias, Overnight, I’m Reed FishAbduction)  Completed 1/14/13, thanks to Netflix a.k.a. the strangest curation of movies ever.

84. Complete a crossword puzzle book completed 1/27/13

86. Start a vinyl collection completed 1/10/13, It’s not a very extensive collection yet, but I’ve started it. And that’s the best part about collecting something — slowly adding the best pieces that you find over the years.

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Back To School

Since I am a second semester senior in college, I guess I am past the shopping-for-school-supplies age, which is unfortunate because that was always one of my favorite parts of going back to school (Lisa Frank pencils, anyone?). However, in the spirit of a new year and a new semester, I think it would be great to have a few of these items for organization and going back to school, especially since this is the last time I can get away with the “I need this for school” excuse. I promise…when you have to walk 20 minutes to class during the middle of winter, a fur cowl and warm cup of coffee is essential and should be considered a school supply.

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Another semester with CollegeFashionista

As another semester (my last of undergrad!) begins today, my third Style Guru Bio for CollegeFashionista goes live. Writing and editing for this organization has been an amazing experience and I am excited to continue working with them this year. It’s unbelievable that I have been working with CollegeFashionista for almost a year, even more unbelievable that in three days I will have been working for Athens-Clarke County for two years, and at a 10 on the unbelievable scale, is the fact that I will be graduating after this semester.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and cousin came up to take photos for my bio and we snapped a few more for fun. We traipsed all over campus and had fun taking photos. Well, Dalton and I had fun; my mom frequently panicked when he would climb trees, lots of stairs, etc.


Posing at the Arch

Posing at the Arch


Ringing the Chapel Bel

Ringing the Chapel Bel

Herty Fountain

Herty Fountain

IMG_0832To read more about my personal style and work with CollegeFashionista, head here to read my Style Guru Bio. While you’re there, feel free to ‘like’ or leave a comment! I always love getting feedback.

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Thrifty Thursday: Vintage Fur Jacket

Shopping is wonderful; in my book, it’s essentially a slightly cheaper form of therapy. But if your average shopping trip is a nice method of relaxation, then thrift shopping is tantamount to a sport – a thrilling, on-the-edge-of-your-seat (or throwing-things-at-the-tv) game. Nothing beats the heart-pounding search for the perfect mix of bargain and quality product or the rush of finding an amazing deal, which is why I’ve created “Thrifty Thursday” to showcase those one-of-a-kind vintage and thrift finds that leave your wallet fatter and your closet a little more crowded.

One of my favorite vintage shops is Agora, which houses an eclectic mix of vintage clothes, tchotchkes and furniture as well as new work from local artisans. I stopped by today and immediately went to a rack packed with luxurious fur pieces. Amidst all of the coats, I found this amazing vintage rabbit fur for $45!!


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A little glitz from Olive+Piper

During my endless hours time on the Internet, I stumbled across this little gem: Olive+Piper, an online jewelry boutique that has trendy and beautiful pieces that are very affordable. I picked out a few pieces I liked for Christmas and I am extremely happy with them (if happy means wearing them everyday and never wanting to take them off). 

IMG_0914 IMG_0915


The earrings were actually a surprise and came with the necklace! I didn’t see them as being sold separately on Olive+Piper’s site.

IMG_0918The jewelry also came with the sweetest handwritten and personalized note. How is that for amazing customer service? (Note: Carol is my mom; they didn’t get my name wrong.) I will definitely be ordering from them in the (very near) future. It took tremendous will power to not snap up this skull bracelet just now.


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