DIY: candle holder

I love burning candles, but I hate just having them sit on a table or even a plain dish. I like to dress them up a bit. I originally had this silver pillar candle holder from IKEA (similar here) but I felt like it could still be taken up a notch.

I found this shorter candle holder at Target and thought it would look good stacked. Unfortunately, it kept sliding across the base. Not good when it is holding a burning candle. Enter the hot glue gun, solution to most household problems.

I placed three dots of hot glue on the bottom of the latticed holder and pressed onto the top of the IKEA candle holder.

I let it sit for a bit before using it and then voila! a silvery masterpiece perfect for dressing up a plain pillar candle.

This was definitely the easiest DIY I have ever done, especially because I didn’t get a single burn from the hot glue gun.


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One Response to DIY: candle holder

  1. Nette McLean says:

    You did a great job! Love the idea!

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