DIY: Vase Fillers

I’ve been thinking about what to put in the small vase on my corner table for a few weeks. Fresh flowers are my favorite. I love their bright colors and refreshing smell…I hate, however, when they start to die and scatter petals everywhere. Keeping up the rotation of vibrant flowers isn’t something I currently have time for. So I needed a longer-lasting option.

I’m not exactly sure what to call what I came up with but they are the easiest fillers to make for a vase and add fun pops of color to my living room.

All you need are two supplies: wooden skewers (make sure they have sharp points and are of various lengths) and felt balls



Simply push the pointed end of the skewer into the fibers of the felt.
IMG_0779Once you have enough to create an arrangement, place in the vase and admire your handiwork.
IMG_0784 IMG_0785
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One Response to DIY: Vase Fillers

  1. chasinggods says:

    so cute

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