New Year, New Beauty Routine

This new year is bringing a lot of changes for me. I’ve decided rather than fearing change and embracing routine, I am going to accept the changes that come my way and even make a few of my own. First up, my beauty routine. When it comes to makeup, I’m usually pretty lazy. A little foundation, a brush of eyeshadow, some mascara and I call it a day. For the past few weeks, I’ve been regularly using blush (it’s a whole new world!) and now I am going to add in a few more steps to enhance my look even further.


I have dabbled with primers before, but I am going to make it a permanent step in my makeup routine, using Smashbox’s photo finish foundation primer. I have also been experimenting with various ways to contour by using bronzer. I picked up Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil in Milk Chocolate from ULTA and it has been working good so far! And as a perk…it is made with mocha and smells like chocolate! Yum. It has a matte finish and grey/beige undertone rather than the orange undertones of a lot of common bronzers.

I also bought a round CHI brush on impulse, hoping to recreate the blowouts I get at the salon. No such luck so far, but it is a great brush overall. My technique just needs some work.

What are some changes you are making to your beauty routine for the New Year? 

Happy 2013, everyone!!

xx, Liz

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