A little glitz from Olive+Piper

During my endless hours time on the Internet, I stumbled across this little gem: Olive+Piper, an online jewelry boutique that has trendy and beautiful pieces that are very affordable. I picked out a few pieces I liked for Christmas and I am extremely happy with them (if happy means wearing them everyday and never wanting to take them off). 

IMG_0914 IMG_0915


The earrings were actually a surprise and came with the necklace! I didn’t see them as being sold separately on Olive+Piper’s site.

IMG_0918The jewelry also came with the sweetest handwritten and personalized note. How is that for amazing customer service? (Note: Carol is my mom; they didn’t get my name wrong.) I will definitely be ordering from them in the (very near) future. It took tremendous will power to not snap up this skull bracelet just now.


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2 Responses to A little glitz from Olive+Piper

  1. Hi Liz! (Or should we say… Carol?) We’re so thrilled that you love your new jewels… and even more thrilled that you’ve dedicated a post on your blog to us! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback and experience with your readers.

    Wishing you a very happy and amazing new year! After all, what a kick-butt start you’ve given us to our new year!

    • agoldenstyle says:

      A bit confusing I guess, but Carol is my mom, who actually ordered the jewelry. You are very welcome…I love all of it and look forward to ordering more in the future! Happy New Year!

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