101 Things Update

In the past month, I have been (slowly) chipping away at my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list. Slow progress is better than none, right? I don’t think I quite realized how large of a number 101 actually is.

However slow my progress, here it is:

34. Invest in a designer item completed 1/26/13 I didn’t think I would get to this one until after graduation and a fairly dependable paycheck, but due to my impulsive shopping habit (that I really need to control), I am now the proud owner of a Michael Kors dress and a pair of BCBGMAXAZRIA tuxedo pants.

44. Buy a blender completed 1/12/13

46. Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen (10/10; W/E, Flashdance, Sabrina, Blue HawaiiThe Fighter, CleopatraSteel Magnolias, Overnight, I’m Reed FishAbduction)  Completed 1/14/13, thanks to Netflix a.k.a. the strangest curation of movies ever.

84. Complete a crossword puzzle book completed 1/27/13

86. Start a vinyl collection completed 1/10/13, It’s not a very extensive collection yet, but I’ve started it. And that’s the best part about collecting something — slowly adding the best pieces that you find over the years.

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