New Year, New Beauty Routine

This new year is bringing a lot of changes for me. I’ve decided rather than fearing change and embracing routine, I am going to accept the changes that come my way and even make a few of my own. First up, my beauty routine. When it comes to makeup, I’m usually pretty lazy. A little foundation, a brush of eyeshadow, some mascara and I call it a day. For the past few weeks, I’ve been regularly using blush (it’s a whole new world!) and now I am going to add in a few more steps to enhance my look even further.


I have dabbled with primers before, but I am going to make it a permanent step in my makeup routine, using Smashbox’s photo finish foundation primer. I have also been experimenting with various ways to contour by using bronzer. I picked up Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil in Milk Chocolate from ULTA and it has been working good so far! And as a perk…it is made with mocha and smells like chocolate! Yum. It has a matte finish and grey/beige undertone rather than the orange undertones of a lot of common bronzers.

I also bought a round CHI brush on impulse, hoping to recreate the blowouts I get at the salon. No such luck so far, but it is a great brush overall. My technique just needs some work.

What are some changes you are making to your beauty routine for the New Year? 

Happy 2013, everyone!!

xx, Liz

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HAPPY 2013!

Here are just few mini shots of my NYE. I had a mellow night at home with my family, full of laughs, games, great appetizers, and Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

champcloseup cranandbrie kaledip strawberriesA couple of bottles of champagne, brie and cranberry crackers, kale and ricotta dip, and frozen strawberries made the perfect appetizers for ringing in the New Year.

Happy New Year…I hope everyone has a wonderful start (and middle and end) to 2013!!

How did you celebrate the New Year? I’d love to hear! 

xx, Liz



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101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

It is so hard to believe today is the last day of 2012! This year has been a whirlwind of major changes – new apartment, job promotion, writing and editing with CollegeFashionista – just to name a few. I feel like I have grown more as a person and writer in the past year than I have in the previous twenty. With that said, though, I am extremely excited to see what 2013 has in store for me.

Instead of the usual New Year’s Resolutions that sadly never make it past January, I have decided to jump on the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days bandwagon. I’ve gathered a random collection of things I want to experience and/or achieve in the next three-ish years and will be marking them off the list as I go. I do better with concrete goals than abstract ideals and resolutions anyway, so maybe some things will start getting crossed off soon!

Without further ado (and rambling), I present the list:


  1. Whiten teeth
  2. Get a facial
  3. Give myself five pedicures rather than going to the salon (0/5)
  4. Find a new fragrance (or replenish my Marc Jacobs when I run out)
  5. Try new eyeshadow techniques
  6. Get new contacts
  7. Try Essie’s new magnetized polish


8. Blog at least once a week (1/143)

9. Learn how to take photos at night with my D-SLR

10. Create a blogging schedule (and stick to it)

11. Redesign social media buttons on my blog

12. Change to a dot-com address

13. Get Photoshop

14. Learn how to effectively use Photoshop (my skills are mediocre at best)

15. Get 25 followers

16. Get 50 followers

17. Redesign blog using CSS and/or XHTML (probably should do this soon before I forget all of the code I just learned!)


18. Have an article published by a popular publication

19. Update my resume

20. Build a portfolio of my work

21. Apply for jobs

22. Start my post-graduate career

23. Write a CollegeFashionista article every week of this semester (4/19)


24. Finish papers for Dante’s Inferno and Purgatorio class

25. Complete online class

26. Graduate college


27. Run a 5K

28. Run a 10K

29. Run a half-marathon

30. Take a kickboxing class

31. Rock a bikini at the beach

32. Conquer five yoga poses

33. Be able to do at least 25 (normal) pushups in a row


34. Invest in a designer item

35. Make and/or alter some of my own clothes

36. Find the perfect pair of jeans

37. Buy a new LBD that can work in multiple situations

38. Finish a knitting project

39. Attend a fashion show


40. Try 30 new foods/drinks (1/30 – hot buttered rum)

41. Eat at ten new restaurants (2/10 – River House, Savannah, GA; Tacqueria Del Sol, Athens, GA)

42. Cook every recipe in the Grit cookbook

43. Cook every recipe in the Skinny Bitch cookbook

44. Buy a blender completed 1/12/13

45. Take my own coffee to work/campus for two weeks (no Starbucks, eek) (0/14)


46. Watch ten movies I’ve never seen (10/10)

47. Treat my mom for a day instead of the other way around

48. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle  – My mom just happened to buy a 1,000 piece Christmas puzzle this year without even knowing about this list, weird. It only took us four days, not sure if that’s good or extremely slow, but it’s done. IMG_0908

49. Watch a sunrise

50. Go fruit picking

51. Tour a vineyard

52. Paint a picture while drinking a pint (or other adult beverage)

53. Stargaze

54. Visit three museums (0/3)

55. Get my fortune told

56. Win a contest or giveaway

57. Attend a concert

58. Create five DIYs from my Pinterest or Bloglovin’ collections (0/5)

59. See a play

60. Go to a comedy show

61. Complete a crossword puzzle book (without looking at the answers!)

62. Attend a music festival

63. Start a vinyl collection

64. Dress up for Halloween

65. Takes pictures around Athens

66. Have a lazy movie day

67. Attend a book reading

68. Send Christmas cards


69. Buy a new sofa

70. Buy new living room chairs

71. Buy a new printer

72. Find a new apartment (after graduation)

73. Get a plant (and try really hard to keep it alive! My track record isn’t that great.)

74. Buy a world map to pin places I want to go / have gone

75. Decorate for Christmas (0/2)

76. Buy an original piece of artwork


77. Organize books (donate/sell the ones I don’t want)

78. Organize and purge my closet (donate/sell unwanted items)

79. Finish all of the sewing projects I have started

80. Go through the stacks of magazines gathering dust and organize in some way

81. Clean out old computer files

82. Back up my computer (I live in constant fear of a Carrie Bradshaw moment)

83. Update my driver’s license

Personal Growth:

84. Read 100 books that I’ve never read before (0/100)

85. Read ten biographies or autobiographies (1/10 – Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington)

86. Give blood at least twice

87. Save at least $100 every month (1/33)

88. Volunteer for a worthy cause

89. Watch ten documentaries (0/10)

90. Take a photography class


91. Take a road trip

92. Fly in a plane

93. Visit a city I’ve never been to

94. Visit New York City

95. Ride on a train

96. Buy a new suitcase set

97. Visit a famous landmark I’ve never seen before

98. Get a passport

Related to List:

99. Print and post this list somewhere so I’ll remember to do it!

100. Save $5 for each completed task

101. Make another list and post on the 1001st day

Whew, I am tired typing this. Kudos to you if you’re still reading! Some of the items have already been accomplished or are in progress because I technically started this list on December 23. The 1001 days will be over on September 13, 2015 so I guess I have my New Year’s Resolutions taken care of for the next three New Years. Win.

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Years Eve and a wonderful New Year:)

xx, Liz

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Holiday Wish List 2012

Holiday Wish List 2012
Just a quick view of the things I’m hoping to see under the tree this year! What’s on your wish list?
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In the Middle

I have often been unsure of midi skirts, afraid of their ambiguous hemlines somewhere between the knee and ankle. However, lately, I have found several midi skirts and dresses that I absolutely love. The trick is finding the hemline that works for you as everyone is shaped differently.

McLean 052812


Midi Dress: Loft (similar here)

Denim Jacket: American Eagle (old but similar here)

Wedges: Urban Outfitters (similar here)


I also found a Fashionista on UGA’s campus that was rocking the midi skirt during finals (props to her for looking so awesome during the most stressful time of the semester!). She topped off her skirt with many layers to fight off the Arctic temps of December and the campus library and looked amazing. Check out her look here.

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DIY: Vase Fillers

I’ve been thinking about what to put in the small vase on my corner table for a few weeks. Fresh flowers are my favorite. I love their bright colors and refreshing smell…I hate, however, when they start to die and scatter petals everywhere. Keeping up the rotation of vibrant flowers isn’t something I currently have time for. So I needed a longer-lasting option.

I’m not exactly sure what to call what I came up with but they are the easiest fillers to make for a vase and add fun pops of color to my living room.

All you need are two supplies: wooden skewers (make sure they have sharp points and are of various lengths) and felt balls



Simply push the pointed end of the skewer into the fibers of the felt.
IMG_0779Once you have enough to create an arrangement, place in the vase and admire your handiwork.
IMG_0784 IMG_0785
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Work It Out

Work It Out
Quiksilver / NIKE / NIKE / Nike performance, $56 / Tek gear / NIKE black athletic shoes / Hair accessory
Every year I make having a workout or gym routine a New Year’s Resolution, just like 97% of the world’s population. I’m gung ho about it at first, but it gradually tapers off to 2 or 3 visits per week until I get so swamped with school and work that it ends altogether. This year, I’m trying a different strategy. I’m making working out my pre-New Year’s Resolution.

For the past month and a half, I have been going to the gym regularly and now if I miss a day, it just feels strange., like I’ve forgotten to do something (which I have!). I’ve found several different things that keep me going back to the gym:

  • new workouts or classes (keep your workouts fun and interesting and you’ll be more likely to go!)
  • upcoming events (Christmas hols are right around the corner!)
  • cool & fashionable gym gear (like above…wearing sporty shorts and tanks inspire me to run a little faster on the treadmill or lift the weights a few more times)

What motivates you? I’d love to know!

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